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About the Book

Exploring London with Ama and Neri is a bright and colourful children’s picture book that follows two sisters on their adventures around London with Mummy whilst Daddy works.

Their first adventure sees them at London Zoo where big sister Ama has to make sure little Neri has everything she needs so the lovely day is not ruined! 

Will Ama save the day?

Then in Exploring London with Ama and Neri: Flip Out the sisters are joined by their cousins and friends at the popular trampoline park and this time Ama has to learn a lesson or two on resilience and getting back up no matter what.

Will she lead the way for little Neri?

The book also recommends Ama and Neri’s top ten treats around London so you can start planning your own exciting family adventures too!

About the Author

Peléna Cosme is a Law graduate who has worked in media, education and the charity sector and is now focussing on raising her two daughters, writing and speaking.

Exploring London with Ama and Neri is her first book that she has self-published having worked on it for almost two years. 

Peléna is also an avid speaker making guest appearances on various community related podcasts, panels and events discussing parenting from a black British perspective, the impact of media on children and much more.